Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Monday's Moniker Musings


Dekkia - In the Oji language "adekia" means "at daybreak" or "in the morning". In Japanese dekia means "ready made".

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday's Set of Names




Catant - French form of Katherine, which comes from the Greek name Aikaterini.







Javotte - Celtic meaning "white stream", according to the book "Girls' Christian Names, Their History, and Their Association" by Helena Swan. 

Katterle- German, derived from the Greek name Aikaterini, which is the source of the name Katherine.

Larunda - a figure of ancient Roman or Etruscan mythology. A feast was held on Decemeber 22 in her honor (the names Lara or Laurentia are also used, in the book Girls' Christian Names, Their History, and Their Association" by Helena Swan. She connects the meaning of the name to the word 'lars' which came to mean "lord" or "master" and referred to the god of the hearth in the ancient home, figures of dogs generally are associated with this.

Maban -Welsh, meaning "a young child".

Nest - Welsh form of the name Agnes, which comes from Greek and means "chaste".


Paoletta- Italian feminine form of the name Paul, which means "small".






Saturday, April 8, 2017

Saturday's Sampling of Names


Doneen - There is a place name Dooneen which comes from Gaelic and means "little fort". Though I tend to think this name is just a feminine version of Don, one of the short forms for Donald.




Delga - Irish Gaelic

Monday, April 3, 2017

Monday's Moniker Musings


Annatie - 

Dietta - Dutch surname, though I encountered it as a lady's middle name. Pronounced 'dee etta'.


Tamron - 



Thursday, March 30, 2017

Names that are Food for Thought This Thursday


Ambree - Although the word "ambrée" refers to a beer that is amber colored in French, I think that it would be fine to consider that this name has similar roots. It may be a modern invention, taking the popularity of the name Amber and that of having names end or begin in the 'bree' sound and combining the two. But it is good enough for me to see it as the French word for 'amber' as far as a name etymology goes.

Anahita - Persian goddess of the heavenly streams

Pernel - French, from Petronilla meaning "pretty stone".

Shirin - there was a Persian queen named this and believed to be from either Armenia or to be Aramaic, or from Syria. She was married to the Persian king at the time that Mohammed lived.


Botolph- Saxon, meaning "help-ship" or "sailor".

Dunstan - Saxon, from 'dun' meaning "a hill" and 'stan' meaning "peace".

Eldad - Hebrew, meaning "loved or favored of God".

Elymas - in Arabic this means a magician

Ethelard - Saxon, meaning "noble disposition".

Hiel - Hebrew, meaning "the life of God" or "God lives".

Jonadab - Hebrew, meaning "liberal" or "one who acts as a prince".

Kanha- Avestan, meaning "beloved one" and being a name for Krishna.

Khosru- this was a Sasanian king of Persia in the 7th century A.D. He is famous for many things, one of which is tearing up the letter sent to him by Mohammed which demanded that he recognize him as Allah's prophet.

Timeus - Greek, meaning "perfect" or "admirable" or "honorable".

Wildred - Saxon, meaning "much fear".

Wolfert - a form of the Saxon name Wulpher, which means "helper".


Sahnah - if related to the Sanskrit 'sanah', it might mean "old". There is a place in Iran called Sahnah where there are some very ancient ruins, so the meaning would seem suitable.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday's Set of Names


Alfaretta -one possibility is listed in a Wikipedia article on the town of Alpharetta, Georgia, which was named for a fictitious Indian girl named Alfarata. The article also considers the Greek letter alpha a possible source for the name. Another possibility is a nickname or endearment for the name Alva or Alba or even Elva.

Elmah -

Gertru - I came across this doing genealogy and it was specified that the woman's name was Gertru NOT Gertrude. I am curious about this.

Sedellia -

Sitnah -

Tacy -


Alanson -

Beedy -

Lynch - 

Morrison -

Neri -

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Names for Tuesday


Armistead -

Larken - 

Newgent -


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday's Set of Names


Lamanda -


 Acker -

Erkuries - Complete guesswork on my part, but this would seem to be a corruption of Hercules, which is the Roman version of the classic Greek hero Heracles. Heracles comes from the name of the goddess Hera and the name of the hero before he reached hero status, Alcaeus or Alcides. One source gives the etymology as "Glory of Hera" from Hera's name and the element "kleos" meaning "glory" or "renown". The Etruscan form of the name was Hercle which is said to come from the Greek Herakles.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Saturday's Sampling of Names






Pitt - English, meaning "a pit" or "a hollow". This would have been the surname for someone who lived near a pit or hollow and later became a first name when the tradition of using family surnames as first names became a trend (often it would come from the mother's line or the father's mother's line).

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saturday's Sampling of Names


Amelinde- the name of one of the characters in the German novel Dietwald und Amelinde. Amelinde is a princess in this story. Babynamespedia suggests that this name derives from the Gothic element which means 'work'.


Dietmar - German, meaning "famous people" or "famous person".

Dietwald -German, meaning "people power". The book Zodiac Baby Names: The Complete Book of Baby Names Defined by Star Sign by Russell Grant also gives the meaning as"powerful people" or "ruling tribe".

Warmund - Gothic, meaning "true mouth" according to Karl F. Otto in his book A Companion to the Works of Grimmelshausen. Warmund is a character in the novel Dietwald und Amelinde.