Saturday, May 29, 2010

Real Life Heroes

So I just watched (most) of the movie Behind Enemy Lines. Which seems to be inspired by the real life experience of Captain Scott O'Grady who was shot down over Bosnia back during the
war there in the 90's (June 2, 1995, actually). I'm sure I annoyed the people watching the movie with me because I was constantly comparing what the movie portrayed with what I remembered about this man's story (we both had plenty of it wrong). But I did remember his name was Scott and he had dark hair and he survived on muddy water and bugs and plants and that was about it and so when they rescued him, he looked like someone who has been surviving on that regimen. So I just wanted to post a picture of the guy who did this remarkable thing 15 years ago because I remember at the time I was so moved by his experience. We didn't expect the pilot who had been shot down to come out alive and when he did it was amazing.